Kaffee und Apokalypse!

Liebe Lesende,

vor einer Weile entdeckte ich dieses feine, fiese Geschichtchen und will es euch nicht vorenthalten!

Hier natürlich nur ein Auszug.
Original: Nature 506, 402 (20 February 2014)



Coffee in end times
von Alvaro Zinos-Amaro & Alex Shvartsman

Henry Lindnis measured out his life with coffee spoons.

It started when Henry and his wife, Erin, watched the President deliver the news on their TV set.

Erin’s hand found Henry’s as they listened to the President’s sombre voice. He announced that a fleet of huge alien vessels had been detected approaching the Solar System. They would arrive on Earth in “I’m going to make us espresso,” said Henry.

Espresso was something they reserved for special occasions.

“You know, hon, I’ve given up coffee,” Erin said, without making eye contact.

“You’ve what?”

“I told you I was going to. Last week. When we were having dinner with the Tillmans. Pat made a great point about how acidic it is.”

Henry didn’t recall the conversation. “You’re worried about the health effects of coffee when we have a month left to live?”

Erin gasped. “You think it’s an invasion?”

“If they meant to explore or make contact, the aliens would send a single ship. This is a war armada.” He pointed at the grainy video on the screen, sent back by the probes from the far edge of the Solar System.



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